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I am very passionate about massage and energy work. I have a way of intuitively finding what needs to be worked out so that you have better movement and pain relief both physically and energetically. I have an inquisitive mind and I am curious about most things in life. I love taking in more information. I am able to carry a conversation on just about any subject using intelligence and a big dose of sass and humor. I am a celestial scout, my spiritual gifts are empathic and channeling information. My intuition is strong. I transmute dark to light. I am constantly seeking to understand with love, non-judgement and compassion. As Mr. Rogers said, “Look for the Helpers.” I am here to help you in any way I can.

I am well educated with a B.A. in Art and Art History and a Minor in Political Science, DePaul University, Chicago. A 4.0 GPA from The New School for Massage in Chicago in 2008. This 600-hour program focused on the sciences that underlie massage techniques (anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology), as well as professional skills, clinic practice, and community outreach. I am a Reiki Master. I have also begun my certification in becoming a death doula. A death doula is a non-medical individual who assists a person in preparation of transitioning this world. They assist the family of the person transitioning in kind and supportive ways as well. I plan to call myself a Transition Specialist.

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